Product Advantages - Crate v Cardboard Box


Fast & Efficient
Securable and Numbered
Environmentally Friendly
Durable and Crushproof
Water Resistant
User Friendly
OH&S Friendly


Fast & Efficient:


• Arrive ready to be packed and stacked for relocation. No time lost in assembling, therefore minimising the office/company downtime.

• Crates hold 25% more than a traditional moving box.

• They are easier to get into to pack and unpack.

• De-clutters the office environment, so employees return to normal duties and Crates can be removed on the pre-arranged collection date.


• Assembly required and the use of tape to seal the box. This can be time consuming

• Assembly of boxes can be disruptive to others.

• They hold less than a Crate.

• Boxes do not create a sense of urgency in staff in regard to the unpacking and removal.


Securable and Numbered:

Crates:Secure crate

• Individually numbered with a unique six digit identification number.

• Provides a source of tracking and cross referencing

• Can be sealed at each end with numbered Security Seals, which are SCEC (Security Construction Equipment Committee) endorsed.

• Security Seals provide tamper proof security.


• Boxes are sealed with tape, offering no real security to the items contained within.

• They have no identification beyond the use of a labeling system; labels are not permanent and can be dislodged in transit, leaving an unidentified box.


Environmentally Friendly:


• Crates average a 10 year working life.

• Production of Crates creates less Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

• Minimise waste and energy levels than the production of boxes.

• Fully recyclable at the end of their life.


• Cardboard boxes have a very limited life span, an average of 1 to 3 moves.

• They will either become landfill or be recycled (using more energy and water resources).


Durable and Crushproof:


• Constructed from 100% recyclable high density polypropylene.

• Double wall design, additional strength under a load and protects the corners of the Crate.

• Specialised rib system incorporated into the design of the interlocking lid, ensuring weight is evenly distributed.


• Under heavier boxes, they are not very strong.

• Can be easily damaged and crushed.


Water Resistant:


• Manufactured in high density polypropylene, they are splash proof and will protect contents from inclement weather.


• Prone to collapse or disintegrate if they became wet, ultimately offering little or no protection to the contents of the box.


User Friendly:


• Crates can come with optional hang rails for hanging files to be easily transferred.

• They are lightweight and easy to handle.

• Quicker and easier to pack and move.

• Are compatible with standard, legal, specialty and hanging files, as well as lever arch files and books.

• Can be sealed for added security.

• Less likely for the spillage of items within the Crates.



• They are heavy and awkward to move once packed.

• Do not facilitate hanging files.

• Require assembly.

• Little or no security if sealed with tape.

• If not assembled correctly, box can give way and fall apart, damaging items within.

• Can be easily damaged or pierced.


OH & S Friendly:


• Designed to reduce the need for lifting.

• Ergonomically designed handles for easy grip.

• Rounded edges to reduce risk of injury.



• No lift points.

• Risk of injury if not correctly picked up.

• will disintegrate when wet and can be easily pierced.

• Boxes take up more room once disassembled and are not easily moved.