Moving House BoxesThink outside the Box....The alternative to the cardboard box!


Lifters and Shifters is an equipment hire company, specialising in relocation equipment. Our revolutionary Crates on Skates ® enable you to undertake your relocations with improved speed and efficiency. We specialize in Crate Hire, whether it’s for company relocations or moving housee. We provide our customers with environmentally friendly, secure and safe moving equipment that offers an alternative to cardboard boxes.

Our products are:
• Environmentally Friendly,
User Friendly
Workplace Friendly
OH&S compliance management.

With the introduction of our innovative products we have eliminated the need for cardboard boxes!

Regardless if you are moving across the room, down the road, across the city or even interstate, our moving equipment eliminates the need to handle heavy awkward boxes and wipes out the possibility of resulting injuries.


Think outside the box…….